Random Encounters, art, a change of direction of the blog and little green robots

Les Diaboliques

lee thatcher re

She has never looked so good. Hair so perfect, lips red as the blood on the floor. Her eyes enchanting as the soul of Mephistopheles.

How I loved her. How I hated her. And how the lust I had caused all this.

The pool of red is collecting at the edge as I reach for the door.


Let me introduce you all to Crina Prida. She is an amazing photographer that I stumbled across one night on Google+. She made this post and I felt an urge to write the above. Part of the Random Encounter series where a piece of her work is merged with another, in this case it was Lee Thatcher, to create something that not only adds to each original piece but to create something new. At least that is how I see it. 

I have a little something up my sleeve regarding Crina, something that she does not know about. Hopefully, by the time she gets back from holiday I will be well on my way through it. 


In other news I am back online, like I mentioned in my last post I managed to get a new shiny laptop a few days ago and will now be able to post all these assortment of words that are inside my head of late. 

2013-06-23 15.10.56

That was how it looked yesterday, to be fair I had had it a few days before I destroyed the warranty.  


The direction of this bog is something that has bothered me the whole time I was away. I thought about it a lot and I have not been happy with the way I have used it so far. Impersonal I guess is one way to look at it. The single entries of a piece have not been sitting well with me. You are still going to get words and sounds that I create (I have quite a back-log at the moment to get through). yet, as well as all that you are going to get more. 

What that more is going to be right now I do not know. I have said to many people of the last few months that my life is changing and it really is. 

Android is something that at times weighs very, very heavy on me. People come to me for help, people think I know how to solve all their problems when it comes to this and that. And I loved it, then one day not too long ago I looked up and found over 3000 people had me circled on Google+. Most were there because of that. The core of who I was had been taken from me. I saw that something I loved had been created for me. 

I had no other identity, escape was found in that little green robot. The last few months I feel that I have pulled away from that part of me. That I have lost touch with those that exist in that circle. It is not that I do not care anymore it is more that I have so much more in my life and I want to share that also. I do not want people to just know me because I can flash a rom and post about cool apps. There is more to me than that. I see far too many people on Google+ talking about the one thing. 

I want to talk about lots of things, Android, geeky things, tv and film, feminism, equal rights no matter what your faith or sexuality is. I want to talk about music and art. I am not one thing. 


And before I go, if you are in the Belfast area this Thursday night come down and check out R51. I have known these guys and girls for a couple of years now, been listening to their music longer. Not only are they a great bunch of people but a fantastic group of musicians. I have so much love and respect for these guys. They are having a  launch for their new single Boxkite in the Voodoo in Belfast. That is this Thursday 27th June. I will be there.


It has been about a year since I last saw them play live and I cannot wait. If you cannot make it down to catch them or grab their new single you can always head over and download it from Bandcamp, trust me you will want to this.


And that is all for the moment, the only thing I have left to say is thank you for reading such a long entry, I cannot promise they will all be this long. Until next time.


stay beautiful…



One thought on “Random Encounters, art, a change of direction of the blog and little green robots

  1. looking forward to your ‘little something’ – I do hope you are feeling great and all – catch you back in G+ – thanks for your friendship!

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