A matter of fact words are coming

This heat is not funny. I do not care what anyone thinks.

I live in a beautiful country where it rains a lot. We are used to the rain. We do not do sun. We do not do weeks of the sun. We are used to a day or two here and there. It is now getting out of hand and I am not happy.



I want to introduce you all to Scully (left) and Mulder (right). Baby Girl and I got them last week and they have quickly adapted to us as parents. They are so adorable, plus it is nice to have kittens running around the place. And just as I was typing this up I found out that Scully has figured out how to climb the curtains and run the rail. I am kinda proud of her.




I have started working on the next book. There is a title somewhere. Buried in an email that I have placed somewhere. That is not important right now. What does matter is me introducing you all to Jo. She is going to be one of the people I will be working with for this new project. How all of this is going to turn out, as of right now I do not know. In the meantime feel free to check out her Deviant Art page.


Before I go if you have another 5 minutes head over to BandCamp and check out my friend Christope Curtis. He just released a new album Snail Racing there and it is available to download. Christope is great guy, this I think is his 6th or 7th album – the first available on BandCamp. If you enjoy it and want to hear more hit him up on Google+ or Twitter and I am sure he can point you in the direction of his other work.


And that is all for me with this little round up. I was going to talk about how I felt when I was up in Newcastle playing but there is part of me that would like to forget about that night. I am hoping on my return trip to the beach will work out better this week.

Until next time

stay beautiful and as I  was told by a friend tonight you all the “music to my soul”




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