Between silence, Selene and being used as a pillow

As I write this it is late. It’s that time of the morning where my brain starts working. The kind of working I wish it did not do and for months I have ignored. Tonight I can’t.

2013 - 1 (1)


You see, I’m in my second day of a self imposed exile from being online. I have not raised my head on G+, I have done a little tweeting and that is about it. Too much going on to deal with other things.

Unlike other times when I have stepped offline this time has been different. For a start I did not feel like I had to step away. I think I saw that stepping away now was the smart thing to do before I lost my head.

So now where I am? It’s late and my head is bouncing. I have had a good weekend. Friday started off with a silly idea to but a new suit. You see I look damn fine in a suit. See below


See, I told you. Anyway, I decided not to buy it. Yet it was niggling at me. A few hours later a friend of mine rang me to make sure I had not bought it. He suggested we go suit shopping the next day. I had already talked myself out of buying one. That was responsible for the thought of “What harm could it do to look. I’m not going to buy one.”

Saturday came around, well it does do that. It always comes after a Friday. 24 hours after the start of Friday. Always been that way for as long as I have been alive. The same for you I would imagine. It is the sort of thing that will carry on happening for many a long year to come.

There I am meeting up with Chris, he is running a touch late so I call into my favourite cafe Arora. Saturday afternoon, thankfully not too busy and in my pocket I come across a notebook I had bought a few days earlier. They are something I like to randomly buy. Then I started to write.

The start of what was to become Selene.

I kept writing. For the first time in months I felt my love of words come back to me. I had been on my self imposed internet exile for around 14 hours and words wanted to come out of me.


The stained yellow canvas
Betraying years of use
What lies behind glass
Past purple, inside the white

Glancing sideways now
A lack of metal or stone
The tied back bounce
Caging the ruffled locks

A name has no place here
Real life does not exist
Would you suit the other colour
I suspect not…………still

Fleeting thoughts gone now
Time to take leave
Until the next movement
Of the passing ticks of time

All this has me thinking. Is this I have been struggling to get a foothold on my next project? Am I wasting my words through other mediums?

As I was thinking about this it was time to meet Chris and go suit shopping. And yes I did buy I suit. Yes, I look fine in it and no you cannot see. At least not until baby girl has seen me in it.

Speaking of Baby Girl. I was round spending some time with her on Sunday and spent a large part of the my time there sleeping. So long the kittens decided to use me as a pillow. Note the red blanket was thrown over me as I slept.

I'm turning out to be a good role model it seems




At least I know if all else fails I can make a good cat pillow. Not a bad job if I think about. Not very stressful or that hard work.

I am now on my third day of being offline. Well, I am jumping online to post this and running off again. What can I say, being online 24/7 is getting to me. Something needs to change.

Until we meet again,

stay beautiful…


PS – Remember Christophe Curtis? Sure you do. I talked about him before. Well now he has released 9 albums for your ears to enjoy on Bandcamp. Head over and download something to help you enjoy the night. As I type I am catching up on them all and adding them to my Google Play Music library


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